Thailand: Islands and Krabi – Adventure Hard Party Hard

After having one of the best times of our lives in Vietnam for 17 days, (Vietnam Article- we finally left for Thailand. Initially, we were going to give ourselves a couple of days in Phuket but decided against this and headed straight to the islands. Arriving in Phuket late at night from Ho Chi … Continue reading Thailand: Islands and Krabi – Adventure Hard Party Hard


Vietnam: Home of Adventure

After the three of us had finally met up in the final few days of our time in Siem Reap, we were ready to start Vietnam together. After waiting for more than an hour to get our visa sorted in the airport, we were finally ready to set foot into Vietnam. Side note: If you … Continue reading Vietnam: Home of Adventure

Hong Kong: A City of Life

After visiting Hong Kong for the first time, we were pleasantly surprised by just how good the island really was. We expected a lot as we had done a lot of research on what we should do once we were there, but we were not prepared for the sheer awesomeness of Hong Kong.   With … Continue reading Hong Kong: A City of Life

Berlin: The European Capital of History

Berlin is known for its history and culture around the world. The city only reunified in 1990 and it still has distinct features from its past. Berlin is almost two cities mixed into one. After visiting Berlin on two occasions, one as part of a school trip and one with friends on a Europe trip, … Continue reading Berlin: The European Capital of History

Rome: Vacanze Romane

Famous for its ancient buildings and rich history, Rome is a brilliant city to visit. Its classical ruins mixed with a modern feel allow for a great balance when in Rome. To put it simply, Rome has everything you could want from a capital city.   The Italians are well known for their food. And … Continue reading Rome: Vacanze Romane

Madrid: A Special City

Madrid is such a wonderful city and is one of my favourite places to visit. Not only because it’s like a second home to me, but I love the chilled atmosphere of the city. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in a Spanish restaurant at night with a few beers. But Madrid is still … Continue reading Madrid: A Special City

Amsterdam: A Capital on A High

Well known for its canals, bikes and coffee shops, home to the famous red-light district and amazing art galleries, Amsterdam is a city with a lot to offer. Having been twice, I can say that Amsterdam is rather different to other European cities that I have visited. However, the criticism I have with Amsterdam is … Continue reading Amsterdam: A Capital on A High

Lisbon: A Capital With It All

Lisbon has everything travellers could want from a place. There are so many different aspects of the city for you to explore. For me, what made this city so unique was how they all play such an integral part in making Lisbon one of the best places I have visited. What’s great about Lisbon is that … Continue reading Lisbon: A Capital With It All

Krakow: A Sesh-Lover’s Capital

If you’re a young sesh-lover, then Krakow should be right up there on your party list!  If you want to be close to the action then my number one recommendation is to stay at a party hostel. ‘The Little Havana Party Hostel’ was voted the most popular hostel in Krakow. This hostel offers everything a … Continue reading Krakow: A Sesh-Lover’s Capital

Iceland: A Traveller’s Utopia

When you think of Iceland, what is the the first thought that comes to mind? Blue Lagoon? Glaciers? Well this post will show that there is much more to Iceland than its main tourist attractions. If your stay in Iceland is short, there is only one option - Reykjavik. Reykjavik is a beautiful city with … Continue reading Iceland: A Traveller’s Utopia